Eclectic is my magazine. It is based on the art movement, Rococo. The spreads focus on the opulent designs of the Rococo era. I designed everything, from the title font of the magazine, to the hand drawn and inked photos throughout. The magazine includes fake advertisements and articles taken from online sources. 
It is an interior design magazine that gives a brief history of the period. I chose to base my magazine on the Rococo era because its visual style was so opposed to my usual style of work. 
The overwhelming visuals of the Rococo era provided me with a particular challenge as I did not want them to fight against the other elements of the spreads. I remedied this in two ways. Firstly, I sourced articles for the magazine that featured Rococo as an accenting style point instead of an all encompassing visual form. Secondly, I used hand drawn elements based on Rococo art and furniture which enhanced the cohesiveness of the spreads

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